Concession Development

A reference in transport infrastructure management in Europe and America

We are a benchmark in transport infrastructure management, participating with concession groups and infrastructure investors in the study, development, financing and operation of projects.

With nearly two decades of experience and having developed and managed more than 40 concession assets in Europe and America, we focus on the development of greenfield (newly created) projects by providing our experience and knowledge with the aim of maximizing the value of each one of the assets and the joint portfolio.

Featured Projects

Accesos Norte 2 corridor

29 years


315 M €


8,0 M

people benefited

OHLA is part of the consortium responsible for the operation and priority maintenance of the Accesos Norte 2 contract in Colombia. This corridor, part of the Bicentennial Concessions program, will improve mobility and reduce traffic congestion between Bogotá and the north of the country.

An exclusive lane for the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system, the construction of 11.6 km of public space -sidewalks, bicycle lanes and improved turns and intersections- that will optimize pedestrian mobility; the widening of the Autopista Norte from three to six lanes, two for mixed vehicles and one for the TransMilenio system, and the construction of the Perimetral de Sopó with 1.7 km of new route and 5.5 km of improved roadway are the main actions of this initiative.

Niño Jesús Hospital parking lot

36,5 years


808 spaces

rotation parking

The company is committed to sustainable mobility through its participation in the consortium responsible for the concession of the Niño Jesús Hospital parking lot in Madrid (Spain). The project, developed in consortium with TIIC, includes the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a subway rotation parking lot with 808 parking spaces for all users of the city of Madrid.

The project will be developed over 39 years distributed in 2.5 years of construction and 36.5 years of operation and aims to expand the current capacity for external consultancy, training and house the Research Foundation of the Niño Jesús Hospital, while providing users with a state-of-the-art subway parking, a sustainable mobility solution that minimizes unnecessary traffic and contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.

BioBío Hospital Network






people benefited

OHLA has been awarded a new contract in Chile for the construction and maintenance of four hospitals in the Biobío region. This way, the company reactivates its concession portfolio following the contract awarded by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works, which contemplates investments of close to 290 million euros over the next 15 years. Together, the four hospitals (Santa Bárbara, Nacimiento, Coronel and Lota) will contribute 569 beds to the health system and will benefit a population of more than 400,000 people.

Social Housing Bundle 2. Irlanda


social and sustainable housing


million euros of investment

The Torc Housing Partnership consortium, comprising Senda Infraestructuras, a subsidiary of OHLA, and its strategic partners Equitix, Kajima and Tuath, has completed the housing units of the Social Housing Bundle 2 (SHB2) public-private partnership (PPP) residential building project in Ireland.

The SHB2 initiative comprises the construction and maintenance, over 25 years, of 465 new sustainable social housing units – 110 flats and 355 houses – with an investment of more than €130 million. The project is subject to the availability payment model (fixed payments by the grantor), is the Government’s second social housing investment package in the region and covers the counties of Cork, Kildare, Clare, Galway, Waterford and Roscommon.