Ingesan recognized for its work in achieving job placements for disadvantaged groups

April 8, 2014

Ingesan, facilities management subsidiary of OHL Group, part of the OHL Services division maintains a strong commitment to achieving job placements for disadvantaged groups.

This commitment has been recognized by the Integra Foundation with the award of the HR Special Mention, in the March 2014 edition, to Alfonso Navarro, Ingesan Human Resources Specialist in its branch in Andalusia and this is extended to the HR team for its work in hiring people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion.

Ingesan’s Corporate Social Policy has taken the guidelines included in the OHL Group Social Action Plan on board, most notably supporting initiatives to promote the social inclusion of vulnerable people through employment and activities aimed at personal development and participation in partnerships with expert organizations in the social field.

In accordance with this policy and in line with the OHL Group’s principles of action, Ingesan sees working life as a major way to integrate into today’s society, and the professionals who make up its workforce as the “greatest asset” available to company. In addition, the OHL Group subsidiary defends the “equality of all people and their inclusion in society”.


The HR Special Mention is added to the Integra Award, awarded to the OHL Group last November as part of the Labor integration and CSR meeting: values that transform organized by the Integra Foundation and held in Madrid, which brought together directors of Human Resources, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Communications from the country’s leading companies. The award, which was collected by Luis Garcia-Linares, Corporate CEO of OHL and President of OHL Services, acknowledges the work undertaken by the Group in terms of employment, materialized in the recruitment of 150 people with disabilities or at risk of exclusion over the last twelve years.

OHL has been linked to the Integra Foundation since 2002, as a member of its board. Throughout this time, the Group has supported various initiatives driven by the social entity, and has implemented a job placement plan specifically for groups at risk of social exclusion and the disabled as part of the OHL Group Social Action Plan. Meanwhile, Ingesan has been actively involved, for a decade, in various programs developed by the Foundation to facilitate access to employment for vulnerable people.