Ingesan signs a new collaboration agreement with the Rey Juan Carlos University in the field of urban green areas management

May 9, 2023

Ingesan, the leading subsidiary of OHLA’s Services line, has signed a new agreement with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in the field of circular economy. This collaboration will be valid for one year, extendable for another four years, and its objective is to develop and propose initiatives for collaboration in academic and R&D&I activities.

The agreement involves the adhesion of Ingesan to the Chair on Circular Economy for Sustainable Waste Management promoted by the City Council of Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and the Rey Juan Carlos University in May 2022, in the framework of which the OHLA subsidiary presented VerSAT, a pioneering R&D&I project in Spain aimed at improving and optimizing the management of urban green areas.

This innovative approach uses high-resolution satellite imagery to detect areas of improvement by applying automated vegetation analysis and surface heat maps. It stands out for its capacity to create urban maps with total precision of the different elements of urban furniture, as well as for the evaluation of ecosystem services indicators and the monitoring of climate neutrality objectives. VerSAT is articulated around three main axes: efficient management of resources, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and the transfer of technological improvements and knowledge to the service of citizens.

Commitment to technological transformation applied to green areas

Within the framework of Ingesan’s Digital Transformation Strategic Plan, the company has developed other innovative projects that join VerSAT, including Coordinal, a digital solution developed on GIS technology for the integrated management of green areas. This plan has been recognized by Forética, the representative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Spain, as part of the ‘Jobs 2030’ project, an initiative aimed at a sustainable working future geared towards digitalization and people-centered work.