Inauguration of the new Central Criminalistics Laboratory of Chile, the most modern forensic analysis center in South America, built by OHLA

November 17, 2021

Chile has a new Central Criminalistics Laboratory (Lacrim), following its inauguration on November 2. This building is considered the most modern forensic analysis center in South America.

The complex, covering a built area of 15,500 m2, has been designed to house the forensic investigation activities of the Investigations Police of Chile (PDI) and will allow the 17 specialties and more than 190 Lacrim expert services to be carried out with the highest quality standards.

The new infrastructure has a reinforced concrete structure with seismic isolators that ensures the operability of the service at all times and the proper safeguarding of police evidence (the previous Central Crime Laboratory was seriously damaged in the 2010 earthquake). It also has uninterruptible power supply systems, allowing the activity to be carried out comfortably and without interruptions. Finally, it has energy-efficient elements such as façade enclosures with exterior insulation systems, curtain walls, and louvers.

The building complies with CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) standards, developed by the FBI, as well as with ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems; ISO 17025, which establishes general requirements for the technical competence of testing and calibration laboratories; and NCh 3249, which establishes complementary requirements for the accreditation of forensic science testing laboratories.