OHL awarded a new subway project in Chile for more than 32 million euro

January 30, 2019

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OHL has been awarded the contract for the construction of a new section of the expansion of Line 3 of the Santiago de Chile (Chile) subway and at the request of the Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro S.A., for an amount exceeding 32 million euro. The initiative is in addition to other actions previously carried out by the company on the same subway line.

The project, which is part of the expansion plan of the subway network to improve urban transport in the city, includes, among other works, the construction of shafts and galleries, tunnels and stations over an area of more than 700 meters.

Prior to these works, the company has carried out the construction of civil works of shafts, galleries and tunnels, both stations and interstations, in sections 5 and 6, with a joint extension of 7 kilometers on the same subway line. Also civil works of shafts and galleries in sections 1 and 2, as well as reinforcing shafts of the Franklin station, which combines the current line 2 with line 6, a technical and constructive challenge to be one of the first subway stations in Chile that were executed under another one in service.

Present in Chile since 1981

The OHL Group has been present in the country since 1981 through the development of infrastructure in different areas, among which are the construction of 110 km of Route 60, the construction of the Santiago-Los Vilos section, integrated in Route 5; the construction of the building of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile; the new building of the Investigative Police; the hospitals of Viña del Mar (Gustavo Fricke) and Curicó, and mining works such as the execution of the Talabre Tailings Tranque in Calama together with local partners.

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