OHL Construction awarded new € 111.74 million contract on the metro system in Santiago (Chile)

November 21, 2013

OHL Construction has been awarded a new contract on the metro system in Santiago, Chile, worth € 111.74 million (excluding VAT). The project is part of the plan to enlarge this metropolitan railroad network, a plan that contemplates the construction of new lines within the framework of the investment agenda to improve urban transit in the city.

The construction work contemplated in the contract will be executed on the new Line 3 and comprises civil engineering construction of tunnel shafts, galleries and tunnels for and between stations on sections 5 and 6, with an overall extension of 6 km.

The stations at section 5 are Irarrázabal, Monseñor Eyzaguirre and Chile España in addition to the construction shafts for Salvador, Antonio Varas and Casa de la Cultura. Section 6 encompasses the Diagonal Oriente, Plaza Egaña and Larraín stations in addition to the construction shaft for Lynch Sur.

This project joins the work on the Santiago Metro for which OHL has already bid successfully. In fact, OHL is currently executing civil engineering work worth €31.71 million for the shafts and galleries in sections 1 and 2 on the same Line 3.

Moreover, construction of the reinforcement shaft for the Franklin station, which will combine the current Line 2 with the future Line 6, was handed over by OHL this past August at an event attended by Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. This construction entailed a particularly noteworthy technical and construction challenge, as it was the first metro station in Chile to be built underneath another running station.

The new Lines 3 and 6 in the Santiago Metro constitute the main hurdle facing the growth of the metropolitan railroad since its inauguration. Their completion will render a city better connected, integrated and environmentally responsible.