OHL includes new contracts in the USA totaling more than 300 million euros

December 17, 2015

The OHL Group has been awarded new contracts in the U.S., in the states of Massachusetts, Illinois, California and Florida, jointly totaling more than 300 million euros. 

Of interest are the awards obtained by its subsidiary Judlau Contracting, with head office in New York and specializing in civil engineering works, in order to demolish and reconstruct the Woods Memorial Bridge and Revere Beach Parkway (Route 16) viaducts over the MBTA railway, and the Malden Canal in Everett-Medford (Massachusetts). The contracts, awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT), for approximately 65 million euros, have allowed the OHL Group to enter Massachusetts, extending its presence in the USA to ten states: Florida, New York, Illinois, Virginia, Texas, California, Washington, Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts. 

Furthermore, OHL’s NY subsidiary has also added a new contract, of approximately 55 million euros, after achieving the I-90 (Mannheim to Oakton) project in Chicago (Illinois), awarded by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. The contract covers road extension and reconstruction works, and extension works on several bridges. 

In turn, OHL USA has been awarded several contracts in Los Angeles (California), for more than 40 million euros, to include the Palos Verdes Reservoir award, covering the demolition, adjustment and installation of several structures (such as the control tower, dumpsite and drainage system, paving and electricity facilities). 

Awards in Florida 

In civil engineering matters, also of interest are awards in Florida for more than 70 million euros, one of which focuses on the construction of bridges and structures along the two-lane railway corridor All Aboard-C10 between Miami and West Palm Beach, 110 km long.

In relation to unique buildings, its global contracting value has reached more than 70 million euros. Of relevance are works in the Leon Medical Center East Hialeah Center and Miami Dade College Inter American Campus. This latter project includes the renovation of a building measuring nearly 7,000 m2 and a four-storey parking lot, covering more than 22,000 m2.

OHL has close to 2,000 employees in the USA, which is one of the Group’s eight home markets along with Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Spain and the Czech Republic. Its growth in the area has enabled OHL USA to rank 55 in the ENR Top 400 Contractors (Engineering News Record). This publication has also ranked it 16 in the Top 50 Domestic Heavy Contractors, which gathers the fifty largest local contractors; and it has ranked 39 in the Top 100 Contractors by New Contracts, covering the one hundred largest contractors in new contracting terms.

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