OHL will build the criminology laboratory in Chile for 24 million euros

August 27, 2018

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OHL will build the new Central Criminology Laboratory in Chile for 24 million euros.  The project has been awarded through the Architecture Department of the Ministry of Public Works and it will be a reference in Latin America with regards to the spaces destined for the application of forensic science investigation.

The new infrastructure will be built by means of a reinforced concrete structure with seismic isolators – the previous Central Criminology Laboratory was seriously damaged by the earthquake in 2010 – façade enclosures with exterior isolation systems, glass and aluminum curtain walls with lattice sun louvers, which makes it energy efficient.

The facilities will have three towers, the highest of which will have seven floors, and a construction of 15,000 m2 and a total surface area of 18,775 m2.

18.08.27 OHL Laboratorio De Criminalistica Chile

Render of the central criminology laboratory in Chile.

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