The company will carry out Lot 1, giving continuity to the actions developed in 2023

OHLA awarded the construction of the new Viamed Hospital in Tarragona

February 7, 2024

Infografía. Hospital Viamed. Tarragona (España)
Graphic. Viamed Hospital. Tarragona (Spain)

OHLA adds a new project to its portfolio after being awarded the construction of Lot 1 of the new Viamed Hospital in Tarragona (Spain). The company will carry out the above-ground structure as a continuation of Lot 0, in which OHLA will carry out the earthworks, enclosure, and foundations in 2023.

The building, which will have a floor area of 15,330.35 m2, will be rectangular, approximately 120 meters long, 45 meters wide, and more than 16 meters high. It will be organized around a central courtyard that will provide the building with natural light and ventilation, both essential elements in a hospital complex.

The new infrastructure will have four floors above ground and a basement. The basement will be dedicated to parking and hospital support services. The ground floor will house services that require close access to the main lobby: outpatient, diagnostic imaging and emergency services. The second floor will house the more technical services, and levels 2 and 3 will house the inpatient units.

As regards Lot 0, it should be recalled that it was focused on the execution of earthworks; the surface foundation of isolated and combined rigid footings -supported on the ground and tied by beams in both directions- as it is a seismic zone. The basement and earth retaining walls were also built.

Extensive experience in building hospitals

OHLA is a benchmark in hospital construction with a portfolio of more than 150 new hospitals, equivalent to 8.5 million m2, more than 60,000 beds, close to 100 healthcare centers and more than 200 renovation and rehabilitation projects.

In Spain, the company has an extensive project portfolio. In addition to the recently awarded Viamed and Vithas Valencia Turia hospitals, other projects include the contract for the renovation and expansion of Manacor Hospital (Majorca) and the construction of the new Cuenca Hospital, the expansion, and renovation of the Albacete University Hospital Complex, the new Ontinyent Hospital, the expansion and renovation of the Viladecans Hospital and the Las Palmas Maternity and Children’s University Hospital (phase II) in the Canary Islands.