OHLA awarded the second phase of the Desná River flood protection project (Czech Republic) for nearly 20 million euros

August 8, 2023

OHLA, through its Czech subsidiary OHLA ZS, has been awarded the second phase of the flood protection measures project on the Desná River in the Czech Republic for nearly 20 million euros. This contract will complete the actions carried out in the first phase, already completed, which focused on the construction and reconstruction of protective elements and structures in the municipalities of Rapotín, Vikýřovice and Petrov nad Desnou located in the flood zone of the Desná River.

Together, the two actions constitute one of the largest flood protection projects against natural hazards ever carried out in the country.

The actions of the second phase include, among others, the reconstruction of a bridge, as well as the construction of a weir and a flood park in the section between kilometer points 12.088 and 14.231, covering a total length of 2.1 km.

The first phase of the project focused on the construction of five flood parks, infrastructure capable of storing water and designed to prevent flooding, including three new revitalization branches with habitats, protective dikes and walls, and fish passages, which have significantly improved conditions for the aquatic animal migration. In addition, the existing fixed weir was rebuilt into a moving weir, the first in the region, and new green areas and sports facilities were built.

Thanks to the actions carried out by OHLA, the inhabitants of the municipalities affected by the flooding of the Desná river valley will be protected against future flooding for more than fifty years.