Its first project in Chile was the construction of the Maule River Canal in 1981

OHLA has been developing infrastructures in Chile for 40 years

November 24, 2021

OHLA has been developing infrastructures in Latin America for more than forty years. With respect to key markets in Pacific Alliance countries, the company has been present in Mexico since 1979; in turn, it commenced its activity in Chile in 1981, in Peru in 1999 and finally, in Colombia in 2008.

Regarding Chile, this is the 40th anniversary of its infrastructure development. It has positioned itself as a reference in civil and hydraulic works, road and railway infrastructures and unique buildings, and is also a relevant agent in public-private ventures.

Its first project in Chile was the construction, in 1981, of the Maule River Canal for the Colbún project. In addition, corporate buildings were constructed in Santiago, the National Congress in Valparaíso and the U.S. Embassy, to name a few.

Relevant road and highway projects have been executed, such as a section of Route-5, Route 60 CH. In addition to these infrastructures, stations and sections in the Valparaíso subway have been built, as well as subway lines in Santiago and railway works. In the hospital sector, highly complex healthcare centers have been executed, to include the Santiago Military Hospital with a total of 8 built hospitals (418,406 m2) and 2,865 beds. Of interest too are hydraulic works such as the Antofagasta Desalination Plant, the Chacrillas dam in San Felipe, the Piquenes reservoir and completion of the eighth arching stage in the Tailings Reservoir of Talabre for Codelco.

The company’s portfolio also includes the construction of the Criminology Laboratory in Santiago and a recently awarded building in Viña del Mar; execution of the Curicó Province Hospital; an extension with third lanes along Route 78; extension of Line 3 in the Santiago subway, construction works of the Américo Vespucio Oriente (AVO I) highway, as well as sanitation works in Codelco’s El Teniente mine.

As regards concessions, it is in charge of providing uninterrupted service at the Santiago Justice Center, a complex of nine buildings to accommodate the Judiciary, Ombudsman and State Prosecutor’s Office, to which approximately 380 professionals have been assigned.

The company is also carrying out activities in Chile in the Industrial and Services sector.

Committed to the local community

OHLA’s commitment to value creation in economic, social and environmental sustainability conditions is evidenced by its promotion of social inclusion policies, gender equality, environmental policies and social volunteer work.

The various measures launched include a Gender Equality Initiative, as a public-private venture, promoted by the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Economic Forum and the Chilean Ministry of Women and Gender Equality, in addition to a similar one promoted by Spain’s Official Chamber of Commerce in Chile. All of this is completed with outstanding volunteer work actions taken to the benefit of Chile’s local community.