The two proprietary tools have been developed for the integrated management of green areas and landscaped spaces in urban and peri-urban environments

OHLA implements Coordinal and VerSat in Spain, two digital solutions for better urban climate management

February 8, 2023

OHLA, through Ingesan, the leading subsidiary of its Services business line, has implemented in Spain Coordinal and VerSat, two digital design and proprietary solutions. Specifically, the company already uses both tools in contracts linked to its line of activity of urban services applied to the management of green areas and is analyzing extending it to other projects.

Automatic characterization of tree and herbaceous surface using artificial intelligence techniques on satellite images of very high spatial resolution (15 cm/pixel) of the surface.
Surface temperature distribution, which allows us to identify the existence of the urban heat island phenomenon, as well as to assess and design measures to improve the urban ecosystem.

Coordinal, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, is developed on GIS technology for the integrated management of green areas and landscaped spaces in urban and peri-urban environments. The solution allows managing inventories, optimizing resources for yield analysis and controlling the efficient use of water, among other aspects. Ingesan already applies this tool in the service contract for the conservation, maintenance, adaptation and improvement of green areas and natural spaces in the city of Albacete and its districts.

The OHLA subsidiary has also designed the VerSat platform, a pioneering R&D project in Spain that applies very high-resolution satellite images to detect areas for improvement and optimize the management of urban green spaces. Implemented for the first time in the City Council of Fuenlabrada (Madrid), it facilitates the creation of an inventory of elements, species and health characterization for the management of green areas, as well as surface heat maps (urban heat islands).

The tool supports the decision, design, implementation and monitoring of urban climate mitigation actions and ecosystem indicators; and is the subject of study and analysis within the framework of the Chair of Circular Economy of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain), which is oriented towards specialized training and dissemination in the field of circular economy.

These two tools join VERA, a virtual social center, launched by Ingesan in the social-health sector and already applied in the SAD (Home Help Services) of Malaga, Barcelona and Teruel (Spain).

The launch of these platforms is part of Ingesan’s Digital Transformation Strategic Plan, recognized by Forética, a leading business organization in sustainability in Spain, within the Jobs 2030-Future of Work project, for its contribution to a just transition to a people-centered future of work.