Según el informe del Observatorio MESIAS de Imagen Internacional de la Empresa Española que también la sitúa como la segunda compañía del sector de infraestructuras

OHLA, in the top ten of the most trusted Spanish companies in Colombia

November 30, 2022

OHLA has been recognized as one of the ten most trusted Spanish companies in Colombia and the second in the infrastructure sector. This is indicated by the results of the study ‘The Image of Spanish Companies and their Executives in Colombia’, developed between late 2021 and early 2022, by the MESIAS Observatory for the International Image of Spanish Companies. Specifically, OHLA is ranked 10th in the ranking, in recognition of the good practices implemented in this market.

In general terms, respondents perceive Spanish firms with a presence in Colombia as companies with prestige (67.42 points out of 100) and a good image (66.07 points), which stand out for being innovative (67.09 points), advanced in technology (67.55 points) and management (67.55 points), as well as for generating trust (67.12 points) and offering an image of quality (67.52 points).

Nearly 15 years in the country

OHLA has been driving development and progress in Colombia for nearly 15 years through the execution of outstanding infrastructure projects such as the Medellín tramway, the El Quimbo hydroelectric plant, the completion of the Central Cordillera Crossing, the most important road infrastructure in Colombia, and the construction of the Cúcuta metropolitan aqueduct.

Among the projects it is currently working on are: the construction, operation and maintenance of the Accesos Norte 2 corridor, the adaptation to the Transmilenio system of the

Troncal Avenida Ciudad de Cali Tramo 1 in Bogotá and the construction of Avenida El Rincón and its intersection with Avenida Boyacá, also in Bogotá, as well as the construction of a 750-meter-long viaduct on the highway linking Bogotá with Villavicencio.

Enrique Gil Contratacion de OHLA
Enrique Gil, Estimating and Tendering Director at OHLA (center), was responsible for receiving the Spanish Trustworthy Company of the Year diploma.