In 2024, it has been awarded 120 million in two contracts and a combined contracted capacity of approximately 300 MW

OHLA is awarded a new renewable energy project in Spain for more than €70 million

May 7, 2024

New award in the field of renewable energies. OHLA expands its portfolio after being awarded the construction, commissioning and operation of a new photovoltaic plant in Murcia for more than 70 million euros and a total installed capacity of 200 MW.

In this way, it reinforces its position in this field after being awarded last January a project in Castilla y Leon with a total installed capacity of 100 MW and an award budget of more than 45 million.

In the case of the new plant contracted in the Region of Murcia, it will consist of 330,344 photovoltaic modules. It will generate more than 400,000 MWh/year of 100% clean energy, enough to supply around 40,000 homes and avoid the emission of around 350,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Biodiversity and local employment

The contracted project includes the implementation of various biodiversity conservation measures to maintain the steppe bird community, including several plantings, the creation of ponds and the installation of water points to promote the presence of Little Bustard and Black-bellied Sandgrouse. In addition, a program to promote the nesting of golden eagles is being implemented.

In terms of employment, the facility is expected to create approximately 500 jobs during the construction phase.

2,500 MW of clean energy under management

OHLA’s portfolio includes more than 30 renewable energy projects in Europe, the Americas and Asia. In total, they add up to an installed capacity of 2,500 MW, which could supply one million households per year.

In Spain, where it already has almost 2,000 MW of installed capacity, the company has recently been awarded the construction of a 100 MW photovoltaic plant in Castilla y Leon, two photovoltaic plants in Seville with a total capacity of 87 MW, a 130 MW photovoltaic plant in Badajoz, one in Merida with 105 MW and another in Zaragoza with 125 MW. If we add to all this the recently signed 200 MWp project, we would be able to supply around 40,000 homes and avoid the emission of around 350,000 tons of CO2 per year.