The company is a founding partner of this initiative promoted by Forética.

OHLA participates in a new meeting of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development focused on AI

February 22, 2024

The emergence of artificial intelligence and the renewal of the commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive society were the focus of the annual meeting of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development. The initiative, promoted by Forética, an entity that this year celebrates its 25th anniversary, brings together the senior management of fifty top-level companies. In the case of OHLA, the company is represented by its president, Luis Amodio.

The Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development, established in 2021 and whose honorary presidency is held by H.M. King Felipe VI, maintains the five commitments made at its inception and focused on achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions, recovering biodiversity, respecting human rights, promoting diversity, equality and inclusion, and operating with the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency. In addition, it has launched the Vision 2050 in Spain, which includes several guidelines aimed at sustainability in all key areas of business activity, all in a context marked by the development of artificial intelligence and its application in achieving the objectives set out by the Board.