OHLA will participate in the contract to modernize Havířov railway station in the Czech Republic for more than 140 million euros

September 19, 2023

Havířov station where the modernization actions will be carried out.

Through its subsidiary OHLA ŽS, OHLA will participate in the modernization of the Havířov railway station in the Czech Republic for more than 140 million euros.

This initiative is a key project in the region, as it will significantly improve public transportation in the area. Once the contract is completed, trains will be able to run from Ostrava to the Havířov station.

The scope of this project will address solutions to increase traffic safety and ensure smooth traffic flow. To this end, a comprehensive reconstruction of the platform, structures, track and railway systems will be carried out.

The contract also includes a complete renovation of the traction line, which will allow for the possible changeover of the power supply from direct current to alternating voltage. This will lead to a more efficient and environmentally friendly railway operation.

The project of the optimization of the Havířov track section (included) is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

Railway reference in the Czech Republic

OHLA ŽS is a reference in the execution of railway works in the Czech Republic. The company is currently involved in projects such as the first phase of the new Line D of the Prague metro, with a total budget of over 570 million euros; the project of electrification of the railway section between the towns of Strelice and Zastávka worth 120 million euros. It is also making progress on the reconstruction of the Vsetín railroad station and the double line of the Adamov- Blansko section.