The awards for work on the Sudoměřice-Votice railway line, one of the most important projects in the country, are particularly noteworthy

OHLA wins new awards for the projects performed in the Czech Republic

August 2, 2023

Šternberk Hospital, Czech Republic.

OHLA, through its subsidiary OHLA ZS, has received several awards in the Czech Republic for its performance in civil works and singular building projects. Of particular importance are those granted for the modernization of the Sudoměřice-Votice railway line, one of the main projects being undertaken in the country.

Thus, during the Czech Transport Construction, Technology, Innovation of the Year 2002 competition, awarded by the Ministry of Transport, OHLA ZS received three awards. Two of them and which received the Ministry of Transport Award and in the category of railway constructions for increasing the speed of the line to 200 km/h and reducing the journey time between Prague and Tábor to 1 hour, as well as for improving passenger comfort and safety. The third was for the II/484 Hovězí-Huslenky road project, awarded in the category of road and highway construction.

Meanwhile, the project for the reconstruction of the catering operation and energy center of the Jihlava Hospital received the award from the Association of Building Entrepreneurs at the Vysočina Region Building of the Year 2022 competition.

In addition to these recognitions, the company received two Olomouc Region Building of the Year 2022 awards for the work on the internal pavilion of the Šternberk Hospital and the Bečva River stream revitalization project near the villages of Skalička and Černotín, which received a Certificate of Merit.

Finally, at the PRESTA South Bohemia competition, organized by the Czech Association of Civil Engineers, the company won an award and a Certificate of Merit for the reconstruction works preformed at the České Budějovice Exhibition Center and for the extension and reconstruction of the emergency ward of the České Budějovice Hospital. OHLA also achieved 2nd place in the Transport and Engineering Constructions category of the South Moravian Region Building of the year 2022 competition for the project II/377 Roundabout in Tišnov – Riegrova and Černohorská streets.