Accesos Norte 2 corridor

Colombia / Bogotá
  • Construction
    and operation
  • 700 M€ investment
  • 29 years operation
  • 2022 start date

OHLA is part of the concession company responsible for the design, construction, improvement, operation and priority maintenance of the existing Accesos Norte highway in the section closest to Bogotá.

The project consists of the improvement of a three-lane highway and its widening to six lanes in a 5.8 km long section, the rehabilitation and duplication of the roadway in a 4.9 km section of Carrera Séptima, and the construction of the Perimetral de Sopó with 1.7 km of new layout and 5.5 km of improved roadway. The works include the improvement of road junctions and intersections, an exclusive lane for the BRT system (bus rapid transit system) and the construction of 11.6 km of public space (pedestrian bridges, sidewalks, bike paths…) that will optimize pedestrian mobility.

The project requires an investment of €700 million and a concession term of 29 years. Project revenues derive from a percentage of the toll revenues collected during the concession period from the project, which is already in operation.

In 2023, an investment fund was brought in to acquire a significant stake in the concession company.

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