Ankara-Estambul High Speed Railway Line

  • 989,000 m3 of ballast product
  • 4 viaducts
  • 206Km of double track

The company has participated in the first high-speed railway line of Turkey, in particular, in the construction of a new high-speed railway line between Ankara and Istanbul, in the Eskisehir- Esenkent section (Phase I), with a length of 206 km.

The project has included the design and execution of infrastructure work, track installation work, electrification, signaling, and communications. Of note among the works are the construction of four viaducts, 22 bridges and a tunnel with a length of 206 km.

In commercial operation since 2009, this project has enabled to reduce the time spent between the political and economic capitals from three hours to 80 minutes.

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