Copper mineral treatment plant in Calama

  • + 460 jobs
  • 366,529 hours of work
  • 22,400,000 processed tons

Execution of a mineral crushing plant to obtain copper in Calama, Antofagasta Desert, through acid curing. It covers all the necessary activities to transport the mineral from the on-site oxide stock:

  • Mineral crushing
  • Sampling of operational process variables
  • Mineral cured over the carrier system
  • Final provision of the mineral in leaching basins

It has a daily production capacity of 20,000 tons ( t) and annual capacity greater than 7,200,000 t.

The EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) project includes the execution and development of the plant, explotation, O&M over a 36-month period.

Benefit for the environment

Reduction of emissions and implementation of the latest technology for control and start-up of its own monitoring system to control air quality.

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