Cúcuta aqueduct

Colombia / Cúcuta

The extension of the Cúcuta aqueduct will improve the access to drinking water for the citizens of Cúcuta, Los Patios and Villa del Rosario, in the northeast of the country.

In this project it is important to highlight the community engagement in the area where briefings have been held, with the populations of the area of influence, as well as with other stakeholders such as the Local Administration, associations, environmental organizations among others. In addition, it has Citizen’s Attention Office where all the information of the project is offered, as well as the management of suggestions and complaints. Road safety workshops have been held.

The project has enabled boost the hiring of local labor: close to 80% of OHL-related personnel belong to the areas of influence and, in the case of subcontractors, 80% are manual of local work.

Finally, donations of material and gifts have been made to schoolchildren in the communities with more than 700 beneficiaries.