Home help service of the City Council of Malaga

  • 28,445 work hours
  • 1,146 beneficiaries

Intended for people with dependence living in the city of Malaga, this home help service is part of what is known as Lot 3 (Bailén-Miraflores district) and Lot 6 (districts of Churriena, Campanillas, Puerto de la Torre and Teatinos University).

The services provided include those activities and tasks that are mainly aimed at maintaining the home, as a support to the personal autonomy of the co-habitation unit.

In order to improve the personal well-being of the users, personal actions are carried out aimed at promoting and maintaining their personal autonomy, encouraging appropriate behavioral habits and acquiring basic skills, both for personal development and for the co-habitation unit, at home and in their relationship with the community.

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