Mineral crushing and processing plant. Shahuindo Mine

  • >259,000 hours worked
  • 2,600 t total equipment supplied and installed
  • 1,200 t total structure supplied and installed

Construction of an ore crushing and processing plant to obtain gold at the Shahuindo mine. The project includes the engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of all the equipment necessary to process the ore, from reception as ROM ore to its stockpiling in the leaching heaps.

The project was implemented in two phases. The first involved the construction of a plant with a production capacity of 12,000 t/day. The second, the increase in the production of the existing plant to the current 36,000 t/day.

Most of the installed equipment is proprietary technology of our subsidiary OHLI Mining & Cement for crushing, screening, selection, transport and storage of the ore in the leaching heaps.

Community Benefits

The plant has a dust suppression system on all ore transitions and discharges to minimize dust emission. It also has a dome type structure, 70 meters in diameter, which covers the stockpile of crushed ore prior to its agglomeration stage and transport to the leaching heaps.

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