New installations in the Outer Port of Punta Langosteira

  • 4.221.185 T breakwaters between 200 kg and 6 T in armor for the dike and outer sea wall
  • 3.492.000 m3 concrete in caissons, blocks, crown wall and superstructure
  • 16.000.000 kg of steel armoring

The company has built new facilities at Punta Langosteira in A Coruña. This specifically refers to building a new port with the following infrastructures:

  • 3,386 m of seal wall protected with 150 T blocks and crown wall at +25.00
  • 578.95 m of outer sea wall
  • 390.90 m of jog using armed concrete caissons (foundations at -23)
  • 921.50 m of dock, with armed concrete caissons, for solid bulk goods (foundations between depths of -16 and -22)
  • 143.50 ha of esplanade
  • 232 ha of protected water
  • Road access


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