North-Northwest Corridor Platform. Madrid-Galicia high-speed railway line. Espiño tunnel section, left track

  • 8.21 km length
  • 7.9 km tunnel

The Espiño tunnel section, left track, has a length of 8.21 km and runs through the municipalities of A Gudiña and Vilariño de Conso, both in the province of Ourense (Galicia). The project, awarded by ADIF (Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administrator) included, among other actions, the construction of the platform of the North-Northwest High-Speed Corridor of the Madrid-Galicia High-Speed Railway Line. Espiño Tunnel section, left track. In addition, the work necessary for the execution of the infrastructure works, such as earthworks, drainage works, structures, tunnel, replacement of the affected services and easements, including the transversal connections that ensure the road permeability of the line, were added. The new route was designed for high-speed double track with international gauge.

Among the actions carried out it is worth mentioning the construction of the Espiño tunnel for the left track, with 7,909 meters long, including half of each of the connection galleries, and the platform of the west end of the Porta de Galicia Station.

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