Královo Pole tunnels

  • 2 Parallel tunnels
  • 1.25 Kilometres length each tunnel
  • 25,000 Vehicles every day

The Královo Pole tunnels are located in the north and northwest sections of Brno’s third beltway (VMO) and are key elements in the city’s basic transportation system, as well as the highway network of the Czech Republic.

The work, in Joint Venture, mainly included the construction of two parallel tunnels, 1,250 metres length, each with two lanes, and the Žabovřeská-Hradecká and Hradecká-Královopolská interchanges in the Žabovřesky neighborhood, and part of the Dobrovského-Svitavská radiála access roads in the Královo Pole neighborhood.

To undertake the work, the mined tunnel excavation method was used for the first time in the country, with a specific excavation distribution and support provided by shotcrete reinforced by Hebres metal supports designed and fabricated specifically for the project. The project included the most extensive monitoring of the impact generated by the tunnel excavation ever carried out in the Czech Republic up to that point.

Benefits for society 

The tunnels carry up to 25,000 vehicles every day and at rush hour, relieving traffic congestion in the city. In addition, they contribute to the optimization of the connections between internal and external traffic, significantly improving traffic flow on the city’s internal roads.

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