The OHL Group achieves a new project in Florida for 184 million euros

October 9, 2014

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has awarded to Community Asphalt, a subsidiary of the OHL Group in Florida, a new contract to construct express lanes along the I-75 corridor. This award, with a budget of 184 Million Euros (233.76 Million USD), consolidates OHL as one of Florida’s most important construction groups.

Works will be executed along a section of the I-75, continuing with another one in the same corridor for which a contract was awarded by the FDOT to the OHL Group in early 2014, with a budget of 180.5 Million Euros and 20.9 km. of express lanes. Both sections are adjacent to the four-story 826/836 interchange station, the largest in Miami, which is being executed by a Joint Venture led by Community Asphalt.

The new project consists of designing and constructing approximately 9 km. of express lanes, of which 5 km. will be executed along the I-75. The works will be executed in the existing median, where one or two express lanes will be built in each direction, separated by a rigid barrier, from 170 NW St. to 800 m. south of Miramar St. The other 4 km will be executed in the Florida Turnpike, to the north and south of the I-75 intersection, to accommodate in the median the direct links through raised structures provided from the Turnpike to the I-75 express lane system.

In addition to these works, the contract includes the widening and improvement of both roads in the relevant sections. To do this, milling, resurfacing, drainage, lighting, signaling, sowing and planting tasks will be executed, as well as an intelligent traffic system (ITS) installed.

The works will be executed over 1,350 days, 200 less than those foreseen in the tender. Community Asphalt presented the best bid according to the technical and economic criteria foreseen for the project’s award, competing with three other companies, two local and one Spanish. The bid included attractive technical alternatives that were approved by the client in the process prior to the filing of economic bids.