By applying Artificial Intelligence to its processes, it performs very well on ESG indicators.

Ingesan launches Empath-IA and becomes a benchmark in the field of human resources management services

February 2, 2024

Ingesan, the leading subsidiary of OHLA’s Services division, has launched the Empath-IA project, led by its Human Resources Department in collaboration with the company’s Digital Transformation Department. In this way, Ingesan is making an outstanding commitment to the application of artificial intelligence in its human resources processes.

The Empath-IA initiative makes Ingesan a reference in the service sector. Among the projects that have already been implemented in the company are the use of digital signatures in documents related to the HR area, as well as the robotization of the sending of monthly payrolls to about 20,000 employees of this company, making both processes more efficient.

Both actions have a very positive impact on the ESG indicators, as they represent significant time savings in the management of these processes, reduce the paper consumption associated with them, and contribute to the reduction of the digital divide in the service sector.

On this last point, it is also worth mentioning that Ingesan is expanding the training and skills of all its employees in the field of artificial intelligence, in order to increase the operational efficiency of the company and to be more sustainable.

By 2024, the Empath-IA program will also address the use of generative artificial intelligence to study the applicability of technologies to deliver value-added services to employees and customers, improving employee experience and customer satisfaction through disruptive technologies.