New contracts in the USA for 136 million $

August 8, 2016

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The OHL Group, through OHL USA and Judlau, has been awarded two contracts – one in Texas and one in New Jersey for 136 million USD in total. In Texas, OHL is constructing IH 35 from Stassney Lane to William Cannon Drive in the city of Austin. In New Jersey, OHL is restoring a portion of the George Washington Bridge, one of the world’s busiest bridges.

The first contract valued at 79 million USD, awarded by the Texas Department of Transportation to OHL USA, will remedy reduced mobility, safety issues and delays caused by lane weaving and slowing/stopping of traffic on the mainlanes. OHL’s scope of work covers 3.2 miles and includes reconstructing bridge structures along the roadway, new U-turns at Stassney Lane and William Cannon Drive, and the frontage road bridges over Williamson Creek. OHL USA will also widen the mainlanes to incorporate shoulders, extend entrance and exit lanes, reconfigure ramps, improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and add new safety and high mast lighting throughout the project area. 

The second contract, the Palisades Interstate Parkway Helix (the Helix), is valued at 57 million USD and was awarded by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) to Judlau. The Helix is one of 11 projects in PANYNJ’s “Restoring the George,” an initiative that will rehabilitate and ensure the continued safety and reliability of the George Washington Bridge, an iconic, 85-year-old structure that carried more than 50 million automobiles, buses and trucks eastbound into New York in 2015. PANYNJ predicts that the Helix project will result in 35 million USD in wages and 149 million USD in economic activity.

OHL’s work focuses on the New Jersey side of the two-level George Washington Bridge. It includes replacement of the deck, superstructure and substructures and on-grade approaches of the Helix, as well as construction of a temporary detour structure to maintain traffic.

Since traffic must continue to have access to the George Washington Bridge during construction, OHL will install detour bridge structures that must be erected and moved within tight lane closure windows, temporary barriers and traffic impact attenuators on median barriers, and temporary storage facilities that will replace those impacted by the alignment of the temporary detour.   

The OHL Group has had a presence in the USA market since 2006. Currently, OHL operates in nine states: Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Virginia, and Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia.   

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View from the George Washington Bridge in the New Jersey side.

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