The company, the largest contractor in the Stockholm metro, has a portfolio of projects executed and under construction for more than €1 billion in the Nordic countries.

OHLA awarded the Gjønnes tunnel in Norway for nearly 160 million euros

May 22, 2024

OHLA is expanding its infrastructure portfolio in Norway and by extension in the Nordic countries where it has been present since 2015. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has awarded the company the design and construction of the Gjønnes tunnel for 156 million euros.

This is a new highway connection between Gjønnes and the E18 highway at Strand, with a further connection to Fornebu. Specifically,  OHLA will construct a concrete tunnel of approximately 100 meters and a rock tunnel of roughly 1,400 meters. The technically challenging infrastructure will have two lanes and a cross-section of T9.5. In addition to the tunnel, a new intersection will be built at Gjønnes with a connection to Bærumsveien.

Technical, innovative and sustainable solutions will be used in its execution.  In addition, focus will be placed on the protection of pedestrians and cyclists.

Major projects in the Nordic markets

OHLA started its activities in Norway with the award of the EPC SKI in 2015. With a budget of 290 million, this rail initiative, which will be inaugurated in August 2022 and awarded by the prestigious magazine ENR, is part of the Follo Line, the most important transport project in Norway.

In 2017, the company extended its activities to the Swedish market with the award, in consortium, of the project for the improvement of the railway line between Lund and Arlöv (Malmö) for 295 million, considered the main communication route for the traffic of the Scandinavian peninsula with the rest of the European continent.

In the Stockholm metro, OHLA has been awarded four contracts with a total value of almost 330 million euros, making it the largest contractor in this infrastructure. On the Blue Line, it is carrying out the 2651 Stationer Bygg project. This project involves the design and construction of seven new stations.  In addition, it is undertaking the Sockenplan phase 2 and Slakthusområdet contract which includes the construction of a 1.2 km section of a new metro line, featuring two tracks and a service tunnel with a total length of 1,736 meters, as well as the construction of a new metro station, Slakthusområdet, with a depth of 50 meters below the surface.

The Kungsträdgården project is being carried out on the same infrastructure. It consists of two single-track tunnels, a service tunnel and cross tunnels with a total length of approximately 4.5 km. It also developed the Gullmarsplan contract, which includes the construction of two main tunnels and a service tunnel with a total length of 3.1 km, as well as a 300-meter-long metro station at a depth of almost 70 meters under the Gullmarsplan transportation hub, the third busiest transportation hub in the country.