Valued at 45 million euros, it will benefit more than 300 irrigators and boost local employment

OHLA participates in the works to transform more than 5,300 ha in Fraga and Ballobar (Huesca) into irrigated land

May 29, 2023

Valdepatao reservoir, Huesca. Spain.

OHLA adds a new sustainable project to its portfolio with the joint venture construction of the works to transform more than 5,300 ha from rainfed to irrigated land in the towns of Fraga and Ballobar (Huesca). The project, awarded by the Comunidad de Regantes del Sifón de Cardiel, for approximately 45 million euros, will involve the construction of the main pipeline leaving the Valdepatao reservoir and the secondary network. Once completed, this initiative will benefit more than 300 irrigators and 500 plots of land.

The transformation from rainfed to irrigated land will be made by natural pressure, without the need for pumping, and through the installation of pipes that will transport the water by gravity. The project also includes specific environmental measures in addition to the important protection framework already applied to the Monegros natural area with the creation by the Government of Aragon of five Special Bird Protection Areas (SPA) covering an area of 114,000 hectares.

The project will also contribute to the development of the Bajo Cinca region, which has a very strong fruit-growing sector with a clear export vocation, and will generate 300 direct and indirect jobs during the construction and operation phases in a rural area whose economy depends basically on the agricultural sector. The creation of irrigation increases agricultural production and makes it more stable, while favoring the progressive establishment of agribusiness and all the service companies that support this activity.