The company has a total of four contracts on the Blue Line with a value of nearly €330 million

OHLA strengthens its position as Stockholm metro’s largest contractor with the award of a new project for €90 million

November 14, 2023

Infographic. Platform of Slakthusområdet Station. Stockholm region. Sweden. Visio image: NYATUNNELBANAN/SWECO

OHLA is strengthening its presence in the Swedish rail infrastructure sector with a new contract for the extension of the Stockholm metro network. The company has just been awarded the 2651 Stationer Bygg project, worth almost €90 million, at the request of the Stockholm Region Transport Administration.

This is the fourth contract awarded by the Stockholm Region for the extension of the Blue Line, making OHLA the largest contractor for the extension of the metro system in the Swedish capital. The total value of the four projects awarded is almost €330 million.

2651 Stationer Bygg involves the design and construction of seven new stations and the construction of pavilions and technical centers along the new southern segment of the Blue Line. Work will also include steel and concrete structures, lightweight walls, glass doors and profiles, suspended ceilings, flooring, and wall and ceiling finishes. In addition, elevators, escalators, electromechanical systems, and artistic elements will be integrated into the stations.

Major projects in Sweden

OHLA entered the Swedish market in 2017 with the award in consortium of the project to enhance the existing railway line between Lund and Arlöv (Malmö) for 295 million euros, considered the main railway communication route through which the traffic of the Scandinavian peninsula runs with the rest of the European continent.

In the Stockholm metro, in addition to the awarded project, the company is executing the Sockenplan Phase 2 and Slakthusområdet contract, which includes the execution of 1 200 m of a new metro line including two tracks and one service tunnel with a total length of 1 736 m, as well as the construction of a new metro station, Slakthusområdet, with a depth of 50 meters below the surface.

In the same infrastructure, the company is carrying out the Kungsträdgården project in which it is developing two single-track tunnels and a service tunnel and cross tunnels, with a total length of approximately 4,500 meters. Adjacent to this contract is Gullmarsplan, including the construction of two line tunnels and a service tunnel with a total length of 3,100 meters, as well as a 300 m long subway station at a depth of almost 70 meters below the existing Gullmarsplan transport interchange which is the third busiest station of the country.

Sustainable construction

OHLA will use the BREEAM Infrastructure Very Good sustainability rating system for this new award. The project uses BIM as a driving tool for general coordination and clash detection, integrating all design requirements for future installation elements such as lifts, escalators and electromechanical systems.

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