The ornamental art in Canalejas

España / Madrid
  • + de 16,700 pieces restored
  • 3,500 pieces susceptible to heritage protection
  • 7 million euros of investment

Centro Canalejas Madrid has been conceived from its start as an initiative where a premium is placed on excellence, not only by the configuration of a novel project in Madrid (Spain) or due to its privileged location, in the centre of the capital, but also for the care with which each and every one of its construction details have been planned. From the engineering point of view, Centro Canalejas Madrid is a very complex undertaking, but if anything characterises this development it is the ordered work of dismantling, cataloguing, restoring and recovery of the singular elements that for decades were housed by the seven buildings that comprise it.

Restoration and cataloguing

More than 16,700 pieces have been recorded, corresponding to more than 300 types, in an effort that has been laborious and not free from complexity due to the delicate state in which they were found. Some of them have required up to 4,000 hours of work and a notable number have been able to be restored to their original location.

The restoration and cataloguing to recover these elements have required an investment of more than seven million euros. Among the pieces that have been recovered, some more than a century old, are found valuable stained glass, wooden carpentry, metallic locks, roofs, handrails, lampposts, fireplaces, marbles, stone openings, etc., up to the pinnacles that crowned the façades.

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