The OHL Group receives the Morera & Vallejo Foundation – Social Commitment Prize

October 23, 2014

The OHL Group has been awarded the Morera & Vallejo Foundation – Social Commitment Prize, in the construction sector category, “for its investment effort and innovation and ability to reinvent itself in light of the sector’s economic difficulties”.

The award was received in Seville by Enrique Albert Palencia, Territorial Manager of Andalusia, OHL Construcción, who in his words of thanks emphasized the Group’s priority “in linking its business objectives to the local needs present where it operates, in order to ensure the maximum value for all interest groups”.

Furthermore, he pointed out that OHL’s prominent social investment “has materialized in social action and sponsorship/patronage campaigns in education and research, culture and sports”, and highlighted that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals are OHL’s top references in social and environmental matters and sustain the Group’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Enrique Albert also participated in the II Technical Courses for the Construction Sector, arranged by the Morera & Vallejo Group, at the round table entitled How to survive the construction crisis from within the sector. Imagination, reinvention, social commitment. In his presentation, he pointed out OHL’s track records as one of the largest international concessions and construction groups, world leader in hospital and railway construction, and pointed out that R&D&I constituted one of its essential foundations for growth.

The Morera & Vallejo Foundation, incorporated in 2005, is the first foundation to be created in Spain by an insurance brokerage and distribution company. The Morera & Vallejo Prizes acknowledge the career followed by individuals, companies and institutions that are committed to society in professional, political, business, cultural and social terms. 

14102014_Grupo OHL recibe el Premio Fundación Morera & Vallejo – Compromiso Social  (1)