The OHL Group reinforces its commitment to sport by signing a partnership agreement with Olympic swimmer, Mireia Belmonte

April 11, 2014

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Sport and the values associated with it are one of the strategic lines of action of the OHL Group in the field of sponsorship and patronage. The result of this commitment is the agreement signed with the swimmer Mireia Belmonte, winner of two medals at the 2012 London Olympic Games, at the OHL headquarters, in Torre Espacio, and in the presence of its chairman, Juan-Miguel Villar Mir. With this collaboration, OHL reinforces its commitment to the values accompanying sport: the spirit of excellence, sacrifice, healthy competition, passion for work and honesty.

Mireia Belmonte is a benchmark in Spanish swimming. Global and European Champion and double Olympic silver medalist, competing in the butterfly and free style categories, has participated in two Olympics, Beijing 2008, where she competed when she was 17, and the 2012 London Olympics, in which she won two silver medals. Last year she became the first Spaniard selected for the Duel in the Pool and was proclaimed Most Valuable Professional (MVP) of this competition.

Mireia Belmonte has won outstanding awards such as the Royal Order of Sporting Merit and the award for Sports Excellence, which were both awarded in 2013.

Commitment to society

The OHL Group’s commitment to society is expressed through its commitment to actions related to the promotion of culture, the development and progress of the community and the promotion of sports, activities, all designed to enhance the growth and development of all the communities in which infrastructure projects are carried out.

Regarding the promotion of culture, OHL drives miscellaneous activities with the desire to facilitate access to them to the underprivileged and to bring their values and knowledge closer to society.

Another line of action is linked to economic and social development through spaces and performances of debate and reflection related to innovation, sustainable development and training, among other things.

Focused on promoting sport, OHL supports projects driven by its employees while supporting popular institutional initiatives such as the Madrid 2020 Olympic bid and the collaboration agreement with the Spanish Ice Sports Federation (FEDH).

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