Projects across five continents, over 6,000 km built and the comprehensive capability to address the comprehensive performing of road infrastructure projects, from design and construction to financing, operation and maintenance, illustrate our experience in the sector.


In California, we execute the widening and improvement of the Interstate 405 freeway, a design-build project that includes the improvement of 25.7 kilometers and work on 18 bridges on a highly congested freeway. When completed, the project will considerably reduce the travel time through the corridor. We also work on a contract to improve 21-kilometer of the I-5 freeway in the city of Santa Clarita and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The initiative focuses on the construction and widening of high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

In Miami, the company has also participated in the design, construction and financing of the State Road 826/836 Interchange, the largest interchange in Miami. Furthermore, OHLA is carrying out the South Corridor Rapid Transit project, which aims to convert the South Corridor (South Dade Transitway) into a Bus Rapid Transit Project (BRT).

In Illinois, we have been awarded more than 20 contracts for the widening and reconstruction of highways and bridges on the Tri-State Highway (I-294).


In New York, the company is working on the improvement of the Throgs Neck suspension bridge (deck replacement and rehabilitation of the access viaducts) and the rehabilitation of the Riverside Drive viaduct over West 158th Street. In addition to these projects, we have also rehabilitated the West 79th Street traffic circle and the West 79th Street bridge. In the same city, we have carried out the RFK Connector Ramp K to the Northbound Harlem River Drive project, awarded by the Design Build Institute of America and designated Global Best Project 2022 by ENR.

Latin America

In Mexico, we have completed phases I, II and III of the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, a 110 km highway linking the most densely populated areas of central Mexico; the Autopista Urbana Norte, where we built an elevated viaduct 8.9 km long; or the 23.5 km long Bicentennial Viaduct, connecting Mexico City with the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli.

In Chile, we have built a 110 km section of Route 60, one of the most important transit corridors in Chile, integrated with the future Bioceanic Corridor, transit gateway for commercial ground transportation between Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay and with the Route 5, Santiago Los Vilos section, the main transit corridor between Santiago and northern Chile. Among the urban toll roads, the Américo Vespucio Oriente Highway, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country, stands out due to its particular double-height trench design.

In Peru, it is worth to mention the design and construction project of 263.7 km of second road for the Red Vial 4 Toll Road, the 136 km long improvement and rehabilitation of sections IV and VII of the Ayacucho-Abancay highway, and the Andahuaylas-Huancabamba section of the Andahuaylas-Pampachiri-Negromayo highway. We also participate in the northern expansion of the Metropolitano (bus rapid transit system) in the capital, Lima, an initiative that will improve mobility and quality of life for more than 350,000 people in four districts of northern Lima.

In Colombia, we execute the construction project of the Accesos Norte 2 corridor, which will benefit close to eight million people, improve mobility and decongest traffic between Bogotá and the north of the country. To this we must add the construction of the Perimetral de Sopó and the Málaga-Los Curos project, with the improvement of 24 km of road, the construction of the Metroplus Itagüí line, the Phase of Parques del Río Medellín, the improvement of 27 km the Malaga-Los Curos corridor, the construction of the Quindío section to complete the Crossing of the Cordillera Central and part of one of the most important road infrastructures in the country, and the construction of El Rincón Avenue from Boyacá Avenue to Carrera 91.



In Europe, the activity is focused in Spain. The firm has completed many remarkable projects including  the construction of the Lindín-Careira section integrated into the A-8 Cantabrian Motorway; the Fernández Casado viaduct at the Barrios de Luna reservoir – a previous world record holder for cable-stayed bridges with a concrete board – and the Arcos de Alconétar bridge over the Tajo river- also with a record of downed metal arches – both projects located at the Ruta de La Plata highway; and the Airport Corridor tunnels in Madrid – the safest in Europe according to the 2006 EuroTAP report.

The Kralovo Pole urban tunnels and the extension of the Great Urban Ring Road in Brno (Czech Republic), the twin tunnel under the Vistula River in Gdanks (Poland) and the Hubová-Ivachnová section of the D1 highway, the main transport route in Slovakia, are some of the most important projects undertaken in Central Europe.


A-8 Highway, Lindín-Careira section. Spain