OHLA totals close to 60 singular building projects with sustainable certification

June 29, 2022

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OHLA’s portfolio includes nearly 60 singular building contracts that have been developed with sustainability criteria, most of them located in the United States and Europe. These awards reflect the company’s commitment to sustainable construction through the development of infrastructures that use materials and construction processes with a low environmental impact.

In total, OHLA has built close to 40 projects that have achieved Leed, BREEAM, Passivhaus, CES and WELL certifications, and close to 20 are in the process of obtaining them. 

Among the former, the company has reference buildings such as those built in the United States for the University of Miami: Clinical Research Building (Leed), Cox Neuroscience and Health (Silver Leed), Robert & Judy Prokop Newman Alumni Center (Gold Leed) or the South Miami Hospital Clinical Expansion (Gold Leed).

Leed certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a sustainable building certification system developed by the US Green Building Council and guarantees, among other things, that a building is energy efficient and that the selection of materials has followed sustainability and reuse criteria.

In Europe, buildings such as the Olomouc Hospital in the Czech Republic, with Passivhaus certification, the National Forensic Mental Health Hospital in Portrane (Ireland), with BREEAM Very Good certification, and the Oxxeo office building in Spain (Platinum Leed) have been built in accordance with outstanding sustainability standards. 

In Latin America, OHLA’s third geographic area of reference, reference should be made to the new Curicó Hospital, which recently obtained CES certification (Sustainable Building Certification). The highly complex hospital building obtained the award thanks to its high degree of energy autonomy and its sustainability and environmental criteria.

Upcoming certifications

Other singular buildings such as Centro Canalejas Madrid (Spain) or the hotel complex La Alcaidesa, located in San Roque, Cadiz (Spain) -which aspire to obtain the Gold Leed certificate, or the Pompano Beach Library (USA) -in the process of obtaining Platinum Leed-, have applied techniques and processes based on innovation, usability of infrastructure and the contribution to the well-being of its users.