Talent, professionalism and commitment at the service of value creation
Our main asset is the more than 23,000 people that make up the company who, through a relationship of mutual trust and respect, value their talent, professionalism and commitment to the service of value creation and make us one of the companies benchmark in the infrastructure sector.

The company’s commitment to its employees is based on respect for the people who compose it and on the application of corporate policies that guarantee the protection, development and equity of said relationship both internally and with those people with whom we interact in the normal development of our activity.

Young Talent Program

Detecting, attracting and developing talent is one of the company’s cornerstones. To do this we have specific talent management initiatives in place, such as the “Young Talent” program, where nearly a hundred recent graduates have participated as part of various international projects carried out by the company, for which international professional career plans are developed all over the world.


We contribute to its employees’ professional development through training courses arranged for established professional itineraries, ensuring that formative actions are guaranteed in good governance matters such as the Code of Ethics and Anticorruption Policy, Third Party Due Diligence or Occupational Risk Prevention, and specific training plans directed at each employee’s professional development and continuous learning.

Among other aspects, it stands out the Master of English language training program, as well as continuous training in the area of ​​languages. Likewise, we are working on the development of a new international platform, called PHAROS, which will allow employees to access training developed by active professionals and leaders in the construction, engineering and energy sectors, as well as knowledge that allows them to adapt to the new market trends.

Equality and diversity​

We undertake diversity as a necessary component to improve its efficiency and response capacity in the constant challenges it faces. Furthermore, the company is actively committed to equal opportunities, which is why it has executed agreements in the matter such as various equality plans, as well as specific action plans specifying the measures required for their implementation.

We undertake diversity as a necessary component to improve its efficiency and response capacity in the constant challenges in its activity

Focused on gender equality, the company signed its III Equality Plan in April 2021, aligned with the United Nations Global Compact. Its validity extends until December 31, 2024.

In addition, it has the Equality Commission, responsible for ensuring that there is no direct or indirect discrimination based on sex. It also has a protocol for the prevention and action in cases of harassment, in all forms: sexual, gender and / or moral or mobbing.


The company’s compensation system is built upon objectivity, equity and competitiveness criteria, based on the business strategy and countries where we operate, as well as the development of professional careers to promote attraction, employee loyalty and commitment to the company’s objectives.

Health and Women

The “Health and Women” campaign is carried out annually to promote gynecological health of OHL women employees. This is an uncommon practice among companies, which adds value to women’s health management. In 2019, OHL offered to all women employees who


Awareness in Equality matters

OHLA is actively committed to diversity and equal opportunities. This is why one of the objectives of the Equality Plan in Spain is training and information in the matter for employees. In order to achieve its objective, over 2018 and