Singular buildings

The construction of buildings for different uses – health, educational, administrative, cultural, residential, hotel… – and the rehabilitation of buildings of great historical-heritage, is another of our areas of activity.

Sustainability and energy efficiency criteria have been incorporated in every project, resulting in the accreditation of several international certifications including LEED, BREEAM, CES and PASSIVHAUS and implements methodologies aimed at the digitalization of construction processes such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the MSS platform (Monitoring of Singular Structures). Outstanding singular buildings include the 57-story 236-meter-tall Torrespacio, the company’s headquarters in Madrid (Spain), and Caleido, a 36-story 165-meter-tall 100% sustainable building located in the same city. Other examples of high-rise buildings are the 26-story 98.75-meter-tall Hotel Vela in Barcelona, and the 80-meter-tall Torre del Agua in Zaragoza, in Spain.

Cultural buildings

The reconstruction and expansion of the Teatro Liceu in Barcelona and renovation of Teatro Real and Teatro de la Comedia, both in Madrid, are three of the cultural projects in which we have been involved, in addition to the newly built cultural facilities such as the Teatros del Canal in Madrid, the Congress Hall of Navarre, TEA (Tenerife Espacios de las Artes) or the Alicante Auditorium. Other projects include the refurbishment of the National Theater of Prague (Czech Republic) and participation in the construction of the National Museum of Archeology of Peru, the largest museum in the country and one of the most important in Latin America.



Rehabilitation and restoration

One of the most outstanding projects is the renovation of Centro Canalejas Madrid (Spain), a project aimed at transforming a historic complex of seven buildings in the center of the city into a unique and exclusive space that houses a Four Seasons Hotel, the first of the hotel chain in the country; 22 Branded Private Residences, pioneers because they include the hotel’s services; a commercial space, Galería Canalejas, which includes the gourmet Food Hall and a parking lot with a capacity for 400 cars.

Other projects

The Oran Convention Center in Algeria; the Justice Center in Santiago de Chile and the Legislative Palace of the National Congress of Valparaíso; the building for the Chilean Chamber of Construction and the Criminalistics building for the Investigative Police, all of them located in Chile, are projects led by OHL. In Peru, OHL is building the Sports Center of Villa El Salvador, one of the 2019 Pan American Games venues.

In the educational field we would like to highlight the construction of the Autonomous University of Madrid; the construction of Miami Dade College innovation center; the extension of the University Campus of Bohunice in the Masaryk University, and the construction of the Technical Library with both of these projects located in Prague, Czech Republic.

The company is also building Campus Méndez Álvaro, the largest office complex in Madrid, with 55,135 m2 of floor space, built under sustainability standards.

Centro Canalejas Madrid